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Special Issue: The Law Behind Rule of Law Transfers

The Editors
The Editors
A Theoretical Introduction and Legal Perspective on Rule of Law Transfers
Till Patrik Holterhus
Constitutionalism and the Mechanics of Global Law Transfers
Andreas L. Paulus & Johann Ruben Leiss
The Legal Dimensions of Rule of Law Promotion in EU Foreign Policy: EU Treaty Imperatives and Rule of Law Conditionality in the Foreign Trade and Development Nexus
Till Patrik Holterhus
The Dawn of Article 18 ECHR: A Safeguard Against European Rule of Law Backsliding?
Floris Tan
Promoting the Rule of Law Through the Law of Occupation? An Uneasy Relationship
Andreas Th. Müller
The Law Behind Rule of Law Promotion in Fragile States: The Case of Afghanistan
Astrid Wiik & Frauke Lachenmann
The Rule of Law à la ICTY: What the ICTY Deemed Just Good Enough and How it Supported the Countries in the Former Yugoslavia to Become Better
Kei Hannah Brodersen
International Investment Law and the Rule of Law
Peter-Tobias Stoll

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