The ‘Gänseliesel’ (Goose Girlis), a historical fountain erected in 1901, represents the most well-known landmark of the city of Goettingen.
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New Protectionism – How Binding are International Economic Legal Obligations During a Global Economic Crisis?
Stephan Hobe & Jörn Griebel
Reservations and the Effective Protection of Human Rights
Johanna Fournier
The Future of Peacekeeping in Africa and the Normative Role of the African Union
Charles Riziki Majinge
Humaneness, Humankind and Crimes against Humanity
Bernhard Kuschnik
Secession in Theory and Practice: the Case of Kosovo and Beyond
Ioana Cismas

Current Developments in International Law

The Russian Federation, Protocol No. 14 (and 14bis), and the Battle for the Soul of the ECHR
Bill Bowring
"Nothing but a road towards secession"?- The International Court of Justice’s Advisory Opinion on Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Respect of Kosovo
Mindia Vashakmadze & Matthias Lippold

GoJIL Focus: ICC Review Conference

Kampala June 2010 – A First Review of the ICC Review Conference
Hans-Peter Kaul
Uganda and the International Criminal Court Review Conference: Some Observations of the Conference's Impact in the 'Situation Country' Uganda
Sabine Klein
Amendments to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Considered at the First Review Conference on the Court, Kampala, 31 May-11 June 2010
Roger S. Clark
The Crime of Aggression After Kampala: Success or Burden for the Future?
Robert Heinsch
The International Criminal Court's Exercise of Jurisdiction Over the Crime of Aggression – at Last … in Reach … Over Some
Astrid Reisinger Coracini
Complementarity After Kampala: Capacity Building and the ICC’s Legal Tools
Morten Bergsmo, Olympia Bekou & Annika Jones

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