The ‘Gänseliesel’ (Goose Girlis), a historical fountain erected in 1901, represents the most well-known landmark of the city of Goettingen.

Regional Power Shifts and Climate Knowledge Systems in (Global) Climate Governance

Babette Never



In the International System, there has been a power shift towards regional powers that is supported by recent developments in climate governance. I argue that some of the regional powers are also climate powers which benefit from an issue-specific power shift. The behavior and strategies of regional powers concerning climate change are central for global climate governance. To analyze their strategies, a multi-level approach is required that captures the link between domestic climate governance and climate foreign policy. I develop such a concept of climate knowledge systems. It is based on Emanuel Adler's theory of cognitive evolution and communities of practice. A pragmatist philosophy that allows for mixed methods research is most suitable for analyzing the proposed connection between knowledge, practices and change. It also presents the key to an extended regional powers framework, leaving behind the somewhat artificial boundaries of International Relations in climate governance.


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